One of the best activities to have fun with your friends is to go to an escape room. This is because escape rooms are a mixture of thrill, excitement and a lot of thrill involved. They offer you an escape from the monotony of life and they force you to think of a solution which seems the least probable.

Escape rooms are loved by young and adults alike. Everyone likes to have fun with friends. Perhaps they are loved by adults more because the lives of adults have become so monotonous that when they get a break in the form of these escape rooms, they get excited and thrilled. You will never be bored of the escape rooms because there are a lot of them.

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Different types of escape rooms

There are multiple types of escape rooms and you can choose among them depending on your choice. Let’s discuss a few of them:

1- Linear escape room- linear escape room contains a lot of puzzles which can be solved only in a particular sequence. Thus, you will not be able to see the next clue without solving the previous puzzle. The questions, in this type of puzzle, come one after the other. These types of puzzles are ideal for teams with fewer members.

This is because you will have limited content and limited issues to deal with. This will allow your team to channel all the energy in one particular direction. In such puzzles, there can be some rooms that will have to be solved and only then can you reach the final room

2- Non-linear rooms- these types of escape rooms are designed differently. These types of escape rooms are ideal for large teams because no one will be left idle in this type of room puzzle. The problems and the puzzles in this type of escape room are more open-ended. This makes you scratch your head for a long time.

In this type of room, the smaller puzzles and games are connected like a web. Solving these smaller puzzles will lead you to the larger puzzle.


One of the best ways to spend time with your friends and have fun with them is to go to escape rooms and solve some puzzles.