ISO 27001 certification was the gold standard in security programs worldwide for over a decade. Unfortunately, not many organizations can do it.


The reasons may be numerous and varied from one organization to another. But they are most likely to fall within one of the following categories. Clients must have:

  • Never heard of it.
  • Cyber security is not an issue for them
  • Thinks it’s too difficult.
  • They think it is too expensive.
  • You will not see any return on your investment (ROI).

For How Long Is ISO 27001 Good?

After issuing an ISO 27001 certificate to companies, the certificate is valid for three years. The certification body will then perform surveillance audits to determine if the ISMS has been maintained correctly and make necessary improvements.

For A Moment, Think About This…

A very basic controls only standard, related to a single type of data. This law has driven enough businesses the way that you haven’t had to worry too much about diversifying.

Even though some still don’t believe so, the EU is going to be a better place. The regulatory landscape now makes real security a necessity.

It Follows, Therefore Organizations Shall Begin Looking At ISO For Options.

The real question is, are the ISO standards really helping or just a bunch of useless paperwork? It appears that way at first glance. Few organizations decide to go further. Even those that do choose to go further, get so wrapped up in paperwork that they forget why. Only after the framework is customized and implemented properly, can you see its real and significant benefits.

Before you begin to look at ISO, however, you must first do your research! It’s essential to understand what an Information Security Management System is (ISMS), why it’s being implemented, and how it will be maintained. You won’t get to the end if you can’t answer these questions.

These Are The Top Killers Of ISO Certification Projects.

  • We grossly underestimate the effort involved.
  • Doing this to secure a major contract (or for marketing purposes).
  • Don’t be too strict with the deadline for certifying
  • Do not ignore expert advice.
  • There are no business goals.
  • These issues can be exacerbated by not receiving senior leadership support and failing to tailor ISO according to your needs. What organizations end up with 99.9% of the time is a stalled, unfinished project.

ISO 27001 Certification Can Be Difficult…

Accept this from the beginning. It requires commitment from all parts of your organization and you must allow for the necessary culture shift to make it work.

It is not my intention to scare you away, but an ISMS can be a great thing for your entire. It is important to start the project with the right intentions, the right support, the right goals, and with the right people. A day with an expert is a good idea to inform all the major stakeholders about what to expect before you commit.