Short-Term Storage Options During Your Move

If you have to move between your old home and your new place, short-term storage can be a great option. Sterling Interstate has the right solution for this “awkward phase”. Storage vaults are a temporary solution to your space need. Each vault can be described as a giant crate.

We designed our vault storage service to take the stress out of moving. Storage vaults for short-term storage give you breathing space. For 1-6 months, store your belongings in short-term storage. Take the stress out of moving and simplify your life with our short-term storage solution.

All your Long-Term Storage Needs

Our storage services don’t stop at short-term storage. Sterling Interstate’s secure, inventoried units are the best solution for long-term storage lasting 6 months or longer.

This is an excellent option for military personnel who wish to protect their belongings during deployment. Your belongings are secure and safe while you are serving our country.

Climate-Controlled, Safe and Secure

Our vaults are not stored in regular storage containers. We lock them up and take inventory of them. They’re kept in a climate-controlled storage facility. This eliminates the possibility of your belongings being damaged by the Arizona heat.

Warehouse storage is much safer than regular storage units. You can be confident that your belongings remain safe and secure because we have complete control of who can enter the building. Our inventory processes allow us to know exactly where your belongings may be. You can rest assured that only you have access to your belongings.

Climate controlled storage makes it easy to rest assured that you won’t be affected by extreme heat, cold, or moisture. You shouldn’t allow the weather to ruin what you have.

Storing your fragile belongings shouldn’t be stressful

Include our Custom Crating option to ensure your most prized possessions make it to their new home safely. Our custom crates make it easy to transport and store expensive or fragile items. Get those crates into storage vaults!

The storage vault is very easy to use. We’ll transport the vault to your residence and secure it. The vault will then be delivered to our Arizona warehouse. Once it’s there, we’ll take inventory. Our records will ensure we have an accurate record of where it is located and to who it belongs.

You should make sure your belongings are safe during your move. Sterling Interstate takes the hassle out of moving.

Moving and storage are used for many reasons.

To keep their possessions safe while they wait to move into their new apartment.

You can move more slowly or in stages than you do at once. This helps to reduce stress and improve flexibility.

Because they’re downsizing, to store their stuff

To store furniture, appliances, or other items while remodeling their new house.

Once you have chosen the type of storage or moving service you want, it’s time for you to find the right company. Make sure to use a reputable, established company. After all, they will be handling all your treasured possessions.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Online reviews can be a great way to read what other customers have to offer.
  • Always read and understand all contracts.
  • Compare prices so that your overpay is minimal.
  • That concludes this moving with storage overview. We hope you have an easy and safe move no matter what your decision.

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