Speech language pathology is a treatment, which is meant for people suffering with various problems related to language and speech. Besides, they deal with people of any age with communication disorders.

Speech Language Pathologist

Speech language pathologists are popularly known as speech therapists. They help patients deal with communication disorders like word finding, stuttering, vocalization, semantics, swallowing etc. There are several causes for these problems and some of them include brain injury, autism, developmental delay, stroke and psychological issues. Occupational therapists, psychologists, audiologists and physical therapists are all common members of a rehabilitation team that includes speech language therapists. Most of the speech language therapists work in the clinical and educational settings like –

  • Rehabilitation centres
  • Hospitals
  • Private Clinics
  • Research Laboratories
  • Physicians’ Offices
  • Nursing Homes

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Speech language pathologists mainly focuses on areas like language, speech and the related problems. Some of the speech related issues which they help with include

  • Fluency: Fluency generally refers to how words, syllables, words and sounds flow together. Fluency disorders include stuttering and cluttering issues.
  • Articulation: Articulation problems generally include concerns like indistinct speech or slurring of speech.
  • Voice: Voice difficulties generally include hoarseness. Polyps or nodules on vocal folds is what which causes this problem.

Related Disorders

  • Feeding and swallowing are few challenges which speech language therapists deal with. Besides, a swallowing disorder is also known as dysphagia. And, this disorder can show negative affects like sudden weight loss and inadequate nutrition. This is applicable in case of both adults and children.
  • Speech language therapists work with the people who are deaf and hard to hear. They help them by developing their lip-reading skills. They also help them in improving their other ways of communication.

Language Problems

  • Speech language therapists specialise in helping people who have trouble in comprehending communication rules and social cues.
  • They help the candidates by improving their skills related to writing, speaking, listening and reading.

How to become a speech pathologist?

In order to become a speech pathologist, you have to obtain a bachelor’s degree in the related field. Aspiring speech language pathologists must next finish a 2-year specialised graduate degree.

What is the expected fees for pathology services?

It generally differs from one pathologist to the others. There are some people who provide their services for free. However, some people charge for their services, but this not something that is not affordable. A speech pathologist should first asses the condition of his student and prepare a plan to help them cope up with the problem. Let them know about your problems, and they will help you in the best possible ways.

Find a good pathologist in your area today, to work on your communication problem.

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