Maldives is one of the world’s most popular tourism places. Besides, we have so many islands in Maldives, which look really amazing. Some millions of people visit the Maldives islands every year from different parts of the world. The beautiful resorts, world class restaurants, hotels, pubs, clubs, sandy beaches, cloudless skies, glittery blue beach water what not everything makes Maldives a perfect holiday destination. Maldives is also a very popular honeymoon destination. Visit Maldives at any time, you will find many couples there.

Be it a trip to Maldives or to any other place, proper planning is very important. In fact, you have to take care of everything properly from booking flight tickets to making accommodation arrangements. Any mistake which you do when planning your trip can spoil the whole trip experience. Hence, it is important to plan everything properly. Book your flight tickets in advance to avoid rushing up at the end moment. As Maldives is one tourism destination which will be busy with tourists most of the time book the flight tickets in advance to avoid getting disappointed.

You have to also make your room bookings in advance, if you are planning for your stay in one of the top resorts or hotels in Maldives. Book the flight tickets and room during off tourism season always to save your money. The reason for this is the cost of flight tickets and rooms will be generally more during peak tourism season. If you haven’t visited SAii Lagoon Maldives anytime before then do visit it this time. You will definitely fall in love with its beauty. If you don’t have any time to plan your trip then take the help of Zeldiva Luxury.

Zeldiva luxury has a special team who helps you by handpicking the best resorts for your stay in Maldives. There are many more places in Maldives which looks absolutely stunning. Let’s take a quick look at them.

  • Baros Islands: This is a very popular island in Maldives. The main attraction of this island is its water villas and resorts. The beaches and the gentle water eaves make us feel refreshed instantly.
  • Majidhee Magu: This place is for all those who love street shopping. We can find some great electronic items, garments, handbags, cosmetics, watches etc.
  • Huvahendhoo Island: This island is especially made for families. It has some great spa centres, resorts and restaurants. We can also find a kids club here. Do take your kids there and they will definitely love it.
  • National Museum: It is a very famous museum in Male and we can find some interesting facts about 11th century here.
  • Banana Reef: If you love snorkelling and scuba diving then this is the place for you. We can also find some good diving institutes here.
  • Utheemu Ganduvaru: This Sultan Mohammed Thakurufaanu’s birth place is also famous in Maldives. Many people think that Maldives is only about resorts, restaurants and beaches but it also has many historical places like this.

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