Customers are offered several attractive offers based on quality, service, or price. These are the only factors that cause them to make a switch from one company to another or continue staying with it.

Customers depend on the emotional experiences with salespeople compared to any of the conventional factors. To get an understanding of why customers stay and why they go, read this article.

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Emotion and Attitude

Emotion and attitude play an important in determining whether customers will stay or leave. Salespeople need to understand customer attitudes and gather feedback on a regular period.

Complacency weakens loyalty

Do not take the loyalty of customers for granted. It is not sufficient to fulfill the expectations of customers. They need a positive response when they confront issues or have serious questions. Help the customer to get what is required. It will develop trust and confidence for you as well as your company.

Remain in the mindset of customers

It needs focus and persistence to retain your image in the minds of customers. Avoid assumptions about customers, as their requirements need to change frequently. It is important to question ask yourself,

  • What is happening to customers?
  • What modifications are taking place?
  • What issues are they facing?
  • What hurdles are they encounter in the market?
  • What are their possibilities?

A business needs to takes care of the needs of the customers. You need to provide the information, ideas, guidance, insight, and help to enhance customer’s experience. Initiate discussions that aim at their future requirements, areas of growth, and upcoming projects.

Why customers stay?

Here are the reasons why customers stay.


Customers will stay if you provide them something unique that no one else provides. Remind customers about the uniqueness of your business that their competitors may not have.


Dissatisfaction is one of the reasons why people leave. A dissatisfied customer will certainly leave the business and a satisfied customer will stay.


Customer loyalty is a great tool to bring more new customers to the business. Those who are not loyal will leave.

Why do customers leave?

Here are the reasons why customers leave.

  • A decrease in the performance
  • Service level change
  • A fee or price increase

These are the reasons that can annoy customers and make them leave.

Tips at the time of relaying unpleasant news to customers:

  • Avoid hitting customers with unfavourable news in the subject line
  • Customers do not like price rises, so ensure that you use the behavioural technique of anchoring.
  • Avoid the use of any inflammatory language. Communicate the bad news using soft words such as “adjustment” or “change” in place of inflammatory words like “increase”.
  • Externalise where you link the bad news to different factors that go beyond your control.


Customers hold a lot of importance in the success or failure of any business. Learning about the reasons that make customers leave and stay, a business should design customer-centric strategies to accomplish its objectives.