When anyone in the family dies, the first important decision is whether the loved one should be cremated or buried. Nowadays, people are looking forward to cremation than burying. It is a scientific and ecological reason. Most of us don’t know that cremation was the preferred method among the Greeks and Romans. The first crematorium was built in the US in 1876.

Cremation, burial, and death are not an appealing topic, but it is a reality that is discussed whenever a loved one or your beloved pet dies. Today, most death rituals in America are followed by the method of cremation. A national survey indicates that 46% of Americans choose cremation than burial. In some states in the US, the choice of cremation is increasing rapidly.

There are various reasons for which people choose cremations.

  • Some do it to save money.
  • Some feel it is a simple process
  • It is less emotional and convenient
  • While some feel it is environmentally friendly and saves land.

Green Cremation provides environmentally friendly and carbon-neutral crematory services Texas. They have adopted innovative technology that reduces stress and environmental impact brought by the traditional funeral process. It is the only carbon-neutral funeral home in Texas that uses electric hybrid vehicles and incorporate recycled materials during the cremation process. Their funeral process is fast and convenient, which doesn’t stress the environment and loved ones.

If you’re searching for a funeral home in your area for cremation, you may find various options. Many funeral homes provide different services and the price differs for every service.

Types of Cremation Services

There are majorly four types of cremation services –

Traditional Service

The traditional method is the most expensive. Before cremation, the body is embalmed and a casket is bought or rented. After the funeral services, the cremation is performed.

Memorial Service

A memorial service is similar to a funeral service. At the funeral, the body is present for the service in a casket. In memorial service, instead of the body the services are given to a portrait or left urn. It is a way to pay respect to the loved one in the same manner as that of the funeral process.

Direct Cremation

A direct cremation is chosen by those who don’t want a funeral service, which includes traditions like a minister, processions, pallbearers, and limousines. It is a respectful, yet simple and fuss-free method. Without compromising on the quality you can arrange a simple coffin, doctor’s fees for documents, collection as well as care of the deceased, and transportation to the crematorium in a funeral vehicle.

Body Donation

In body donation, you can donate cremated remains to the science lab for medical research and education. The cremated remains that are no longer necessary for research are returned to the family. The matching process takes 3-5 weeks after which the non-matching remains are returned to the family.

Creation is a convenient and easy process because it doesn’t involve embalming and burying of a loved one. Creation can be performed right after death and memorial service can be performed even after weeks or months when distant relatives and friends are also able to attend.

Most funeral services offer both traditional burial and cremation process. Choosing how to send the loved one to heave is a personal choice. All you have to know is no matter what method you choose, you made the right choice.

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