Roller Shutters offers a good amount of protection from heat, cold, and noise. They are widely used in commercial and industrial places. For the efficient and safe performance of these shutters, users need to perform their maintenance regularly.  This ensures correct alignment of the roller door and lubrication of all its moving parts.

This article tells you how to maintain the roller shutter doors so that they last for a longer time.

What Are The Parts Of A Roller Shutter?

To maintain a roller shutter, it is required that you gain knowledge about its parts. Let us look at its three main parts to care for.

  • Guide Rails

This is the section where the curtain of the roller shutter moves up and down. This part is secured to the window. A roller shutter has two main types of guide rails as a non-Flange guide rail, and Flange Guide Rail.

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  • HeadBox

This part of the roller shutter comprises two sections as top plate and the bottom plate. The curtain of the shutter is hidden in the headbox. You can get this box in two materials like aluminium and a colorbond. Aluminium is known for offering incredible corrosion resistance and outstanding coating qualities.

The lightness and the strength of the material prevent bending of the box.  The size of this box can fall in the range of 165mm, 180mm, 205mm, etc. The maximum size of the headbox that you can get is below 3200mm.

  • Side Frames

They are attached to the edges of the HeadBox via Rivets. Its pin goes into the guide rails to support the headbox. Cast aluminium is a widely used material for their construction. Also, you can get them in a variety of standard colours.

Tips To Maintain The Roller Shutter

Check for any signs related to wear and tear

Inspect the springs of the door, rollers, cables, and other hardware for any sign of damage or wear, and tear. Handle the springs delicately and correctly to avoid injury. Make sure the tracks are free of debris and the door doesn’t jam on one side.

Regular Lubrication

Regular lubrication will keep the doors working smoothly. Based on the kind of roller shutter, you need to decide on the type of lubricant and the right areas to use it.

Hire Professional Services

Regular servicing of roller shutter door by a professional helps maximize the operational life of your door and reduces the chances of unexpected downtime. Look at how frequently and under what conditions do you use roller shutter doors. This information will help you find the best service schedule to suit your requirements.


In addition to your maintenance efforts, it is also advised to take the assistance of professionals. Periodic repairs, inspections, and services of industrial and commercial roller shutters by an expert firm ensures that the device gives you benefits for longer-term.