Our little canine friends do face a lot of problems similar to humans. Specially these heart-related problems can leave us in tears. Although there are tons of medicines available for these little ones. There are many individuals who claim that CBD can help better with such problems.

Pet CBD company is the best manufacturer for CBD oils for dogs. They make CBD oil tinctures which contain the extracted hemp oil and cannabidiol both. These products are easy to use as they come in ml dropper bottles so that you can easily serve it to your dog. The best part is they have varieties like small dosage ones for smaller dogs and high potency CBD for larger breeds.

Heart Failure is a condition where your heart is unable to supply enough blood to your body. Whereas Heart disease is a condition which affects the heart and its ability to function properly. Just like humans, Coronary heart disease is the most common condition which they mostly get due to unhealthy food items. But there is nothing to worry much in this disease as it can be cured easily.

There are many other heart diseases which can be life-threatening to these canines. Let us look at some of them below:

  1. Valvular heart disease: It is a condition which causes thickening or breakdown of the valves of their heart. In this condition, valves do not close properly causing back-flow of blood.
  2. Heartworm: It is caused by a mosquito bite who is carrying a heart worm larva with it. These kinds of parasites can affect the working of the heart, thus causing problems for our little canines.
  3. Dilated cardiomyopathy: This condition weakens the heart contractions and also reduces the muscle’s efficiency to distribute the blood flow around the body.

Below are some of the common symptoms of these heart diseases which can help us start the medications at the earliest:

  1.     Weakness and loss of appetite
  2.     Breathing difficulty
  3.     Laziness or dizziness
  4.     Dry coughing
  5.     Swollen abdomen

Though there are many medications, CBD oil has proven to be an efficient and a natural way in solving these problems with less side effects. On the other hand, it can also be used to ease the side-effects given by these traditional medications so that your dog can continue using it.

How Does CBD Help Your Dog with Heart problems?

CBD is a component found in the cannabis plant. The CBD oil is extracted from these plants in the most natural way so that we can enjoy the purest form of CBD in it. It has never shown any kind of “high” effect after consumption which THC shows, even though both of them come from the same plant. Its usage gives a kind of relaxation and peace with no other problems.

Like humans, dogs too have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) present in them. This regulates the appetite, pain, sleep, heart etc. This ECS is responsible to absorb and distribute the CBD to different functions of the body. CBD in turn works with the different receptors of their body, thus solving the health problems and giving a feeling of relaxation and calmness. Usage of CBD can help dogs by:

  1. Pain relieving and decreasing inflammation
  2.  Helping in anxiety and depression
  3. Helping in relieving of seizures
  4. Protecting the heart health
  5. Improving the appetite
  6. Solving nausea and to get enough sleep.

Often there are some kind of risks associated with CBD usage. That is the dosage needs to be kept in mind while giving it to your little canine. There are very little side effects though such as nausea, loss of appetite, dizziness and diarrhea. Other than that it totally depends upon the dogs, how their liver absorbs the medications, hence a vet needs to be informed about everything so that he can recommend the dosages appropriately.

Lastly, always keep in mind that care needs to be taken from where you buy this product. Always make proper checks before you buy the product, as any kind of chemicals or THC present in them can give a different “high” effect to your dog. Otherwise, CBD oils are always better for the proper well-being and health of your dog.

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