Finding the right person is very difficult and trusting them is even more difficult. It hurts when your partner cheats on you or even when you are being suspected of cheating. A science-based solution that can either save your relationship or destroy it is to get an infidelity DNA test. It is a very easy test to prove that your partner is two-timing you.

If you want to keep it a secret from others, you don’t have to visit a laboratory to get tested. At paternity USA, you can get infidelity DNA testing services at home. Their tests are accurate and strictly confidential. It is affordable and easy as you get all testing at home and the results are sent to you via email and a hard copy via mail.

You just have to visit their website and order your test and send your sample item which might include dried stain on clothing, dried semen or virginal fluid, undergarments, and others for testing. They will detect with a semen detection kit to find out if the stain has semen or not. Order your infidelity test online, visit:

When do you suspect infidelity?

You cannot just suspect your partner to be unfaithful when you see them with another person. The presence of stains on undergarments or bed sheets can be a reason for suspecting your partner. Virginal fluids or semen can be deposited on bed sheets and undergarments causing stains on them during or after sexual activity.

How does this test work?

Infidelity tests can find if you have a cheating wife or a cheating husband. Women usually call it a cheating husband DNA test. You can find out if the stain on your husband or wife’s clothes has DNA on it. If there is a DNA, you can further investigate by comparing that DNA with yours. If the results are negative, you can confront your partner with proof.

There are different tests you can take under this type. A semen detection test is the fastest method to know if there is semen in the stain. You can use a sperm detection kit to detect sperm DNA in females. DNA detection helps you to detect if there is DNA in the stain.

DNA detection and comparison are a package where you can detect the DNA and compare it with yours and get the complete result. Wondering how long does sperm DNA say in a woman? Sperm cells reside in the vagina of females for up to five days after intercourse. If the stains have the DNA of another person, you can claim that your partner was unfaithful.

How much will it cost you?

At Paternity USA, infidelity tests cost you $200. It might be different for other laboratories. They might be cheaper or expensive. As infidelity testing is a forensic process, avoid using self-test kits just because they are cheaper. You must choose a reliable laboratory if you don’t want to end up losing your partner because of false results.

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