Social media is a good way to publicize your music, but it can’t match the potential of Google search ads. It is a powerful way to optimize digital presence for Google. It is very important to increase organic search traffic to the brand website.

Let’s see how you can advertise your musical composition using Google AdWords.

About Google AdWords

AdWords makes use of a CPC model, where you will be charged only when someone clicks on the advertisement. CPC is majorly determined based on number of other advertisers that are placing bids on the keywords that you have chosen. Other factors are keyword competition, relevance and quality of ads.

Aiad is a trusted Google ads agency in Australia that designs remarkable Google ads campaigns. The company offers Pay Per Click and Adwords Management services to small and large businesses.

Define the objective

It is important to learn the objective for which you want to run an Ads campaign. It could be booking local gigs, selling tickets for a show, or driving traffic to the website to signups for the email list.

Locate the most appropriate keywords

Now the next step in creating Ads is to find out the keywords that play a critical role in the overall success of your advertisements. To find the right keywords, you need to think in accordance with your potential fans. Do some brainstorming as to what would they want to search on a search engine.

Google provides a free to use Keyword Planner to figure out frequently searched keywords, their competitiveness, and the ones that could be impactful for you. Supplement your research using other free tools that include Wordtracker, and Google Trends.

Consider other marketing campaigns along with Google AdWords

You will find various Google campaigns to set up via AdWords. These include YouTube video ads, Display Network ads. Before you try them, it is required that you become comfortable with Search Network ads.

  • Businesses that do not have a Google AdWords account, should click on the “start now” button for signing up on the page for free.
  • After logging in on the page, click “campaigns”. Next, click on the plus sign for creating a new campaign.
  • On the “campaign type” screen, click on the “search network” and choose the campaign goal.
  • Enter the settings of your campaigns. If it is your first campaign, then select “no” for “add display network”. Keep the default settings.
  • Enter the daily budget as well as the start and end date of your campaign. Now click on “save and continue.” Set up the screen where you usually set up ad groups. Use the master keyword list to create two or three advertisement groups with related keywords.
  • Click on “save and continue” on ad groups.


Gain an in-depth understanding of the Google AdWords platform and begin experimenting with other marketing strategies. It is a good habit to track the performance of campaigns regularly and make modifications whenever necessary.

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