Light is a very powerful feature that can make lots of difference in the style and environment of your home.

However, with the same type of lights, you can create very different effect by choosing proper location and placement of the lights. Therefore, in this article, we shall offer few lighting guidance where you can utilize various lighting fixtures of SOFARY.

Following are few important areas of your home, where you can use lights to get the best effects.

Living room

Your living room is your place where everybody usually gathers and engages in various activities like discussing, reading and watching TV, etc. Hence, lighting of this area needs more diversified approach. 

Generally, ceiling light located in ceiling’s center location to provide ideal ambient lighting. So, any circular type ceiling light or rectangular ceiling light can be quite suitable for living room.

If your main light is pendant light, then it can always be placed little low and just above your coffee table, so that it becomes the focal point.


People generally use bedroom for sleeping and unwinding, hence there must be soft ambient lighting here. Since mostly people will lie on the bed, hence any well-diffused lights will create a soft ambience.

For choosing lampshades, prefer shades made of wood, paper, bamboo or any other natural materials.

For bedside reading, use a wall lamp or table lamp having rocking arms with adjustable tasking lighting. For closet lighting, prefer LED light for saving energy. While wardrobe is open it will light, and off as the wardrobe door remains closed.

Dining room

While choosing light for dining room, your primary focus will be the table. By placing lighting fixtures directly above the dining table will provide ambient lighting for your room. 

Prefer to hang any pendant light at lower height to cover the contrast of light and dark at the table and create warm dining atmosphere.

For lampshades, prefer to use acrylic or paper lampshades that can transmit light properly, spotlights downwards and offer auxiliary illumination effect in the room. 


Your kitchen is the practical area, where main focus is on various functions of your food preparation as well as cleanup. 

For any ordinary kitchen, your lighting plan requires ceiling-mounted central fixtures for providing ambient light and also under-cabinet fixtures for providing task lighting for your counters and sink. 

You will get many benefits by installing under-cabinet fixtures to illuminate counter-top and work surfaces while cooking.

Your dishes will look bright-colored under light, having color temperature of 3000 to 4500k. You can also set the lights at night for turning on automatically while getting water from tap.


For any ordinary bathroom, lighting design will generally feature central ceiling-mounted fixture. Besides sanitary purposes, lighting should also emphasize personal grooming which needs viewing in a mirror. 

Hence, properly lit mirror will also be important for bathroom lighting.

Try to arrange lights on mirror’s both sides to give off subtle but enough light. Also, use any natural light source for providing you most accurate face reflection, so that it is easier to shave or apply makeup.