In case, you are looking forward to replace your roof, then you need to consider the type of roofing to be chosen. Most of you often wonder which roofing material can be the right choice for your home.  

Whether you should go for asphalt shingles or slate roofing or consider metal roofing in Sydney? As far as metal roofing is concerned, it can be a wonderful choice for your home, but it can offer its own benefits and also drawbacks that we want to discuss in this article.

Following are the pros of using metal roofing choice for your home:

1. Durable and long-lasting

As compared to any other option metal roofs will be more durable and can last for 50+ years, while asphalt roof may last typically for 25 years.

2. Totally protects against fungus and moss 

Metal roofing can protect fully against growth of fungus, mildew or moss which is very common with asphalt.

3. Protects against pests, rodents and wild animals

You can be fully assured that your metal roofing will not be damaged due to any pests, rodent or any other wild animal.

4. More accessible

Unlike sloped and pitched roofs, any flat metal roofs will be considerably much easier to access.

5. Fire resistant

If you want fire resistant material then metal roofing will be better option as it is non-flammable and can protect your home in case ever fire accident happens. 

6. Versatile material

Flat metal roofs usually are very functional, particularly if you wish that your roof should be more than a shield from various elements.

7. Wind resistant

If you are living in an area where frequent tornadoes or hurricanes take place, then metal roofing will be the best option. 

8. Better insulation

The foam insulation of metal roofing can retain heat during the winter, and will keep it out during the summer, and makes very energy efficient choice for your home.

9. Sustainable material

At least 30% of the material which is used for creating metal roof will be recycled, and few metal roofs are also made of 100% recycled content

10. Good for all seasons

Metal roofing is right option for any kind of climate whether it is hot, cold or rainy weather.

11. Easily maintainable

Metal roofing is simply much convenient and easier to maintain.

Following are the cons of using metal roofing in your home:

1. Little expensive

Metal roofs can be expensive in comparison to asphalt options. However, metal roofs can offset their costly installation by lasting for much longer time as compared to asphalt shingles.

2. Likely to be dented

While you may opt for any highest end options which can prevent denting completely, but most metal roofs can dent slightly in case your home will be faced with hailstorm or falling tree limbs.

3. Noise

Yes, metal roofs are quite noisy particularly if you are living in an area that receives plenty of rainfall, where you will find that your roof makes too much of noise. However, you can mitigate by installing few extra insulation layers below your roof, which may add to the cost.

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