A crucial part of dining room is lighting. It is one of the rooms used often during night time. Many families get to spend time together only during dinner.  The ambience of the room needs to feel cozy, which can be achieved by right lighting. It is also the perfect space in your home where dramatic lighting would come across as both posh and intimate.

Lighting options for every budget:

There is a plethora of lighting options available to choose from including:

  • Chandelier: Chandeliers are a perfect way to adorn a dining room since they are both functional and serve as an eye-catching center-piece of the room. They are no more reserved for traditional homes. You can find chandelier designs for contemporary, modern and any home style.
  • Arc floor lamp: Its long-curved neck makes it easier to turn the light focus over the table. It only requires plugging it and turning it on. It is easy to install and requires no rewiring or drilling.
  • Porcelain bulb socket: Those who have moved to a new place and in need of an overhead light in their dining can purchase porcelain bulb sockets. This budget-friendly solution can still help you achieve a chic look to your dining room.
  • Customized lamp shade: Place a reflective material like raw silk inside the shade for a twinkly and warm atmosphere.

Chandelier continues to be the top choice for many for years. They give an exotic touch to the room. If you are looking for a high-quality dining chandelier check out sofary.com. Browse through their sleek collection of luxury lighting products made with the highest-quality crystals. They are the top choice among many due to the abundance of affordable options they offer.

Choosing a lighting fixture:

The staggering number of choices available may be overwhelming. Use these following factors to narrow down your list.

  • Shape of the fixture: Round chandeliers suit round dining table while rectangular ones are ideal for rectangular tables. Multiple pendants are a flexible option.
  • Dimensions of table: Make sure the fixture is at least 12 inches smaller than the dining table on all sides.
  • Ability to suit varying moods: Consider installing a dimmer for days you’d prefer to have a warmer setting.
  • Functionality: Some modern luxury lighting fixtures look great but aren’t functional in which case you can layer the lights using scones or recessed lights.

Placement of dining room lighting:

After finding the right lighting fixture, figure out the ideal placement of the fixture. No matter how great your lighting fixture looks, improper placement of lighting could break the look of the dining room. If you hang it too high, the fixture would go unnoticed while hanging it too low won’t look either.

If the room has a standard 8-foot ceiling, see that it hangs about 30 to 36 inches above the dining table. Additionally, take your room size into consider and see if it will look good from commonly-viewed angles.

Choose the right lighting fixture and illuminate your dining room effectively. Wow your guests every single time they enter your dining room.