Commercial lighting is an important requirement of a construction project. Whether you are using the space as an office, community center, or retailer, you need an adequate lighting system for efficient functioning of your business. 

Based on the requirement of commercial space, you may require different types of lighting systems for successful operation of the business. In this article, we will tell you more about the variety of lighting choices available to make the right decision. 

Incandescent Lighting

This is a popular and commonly used source of a commercial lighting system. In this system, you have a conventional form of bulbs that are widely used in commercial spaces, residential apartments, or regions with recessed light. 

Incandescent light is the way to solve light issues in those places where natural light is deficient. This light source gives bright light just like the sunlight. It is ideal to illuminate commercial workspaces. LED Light Expert is a leading supplier of the best quality commercial lighting fixtures for various areas such as street lights, parking lots, floodlights, area lights, and more. 

Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent lights are another popular option available in lighting systems. It is ideal to meet the illumination requirements of retail spaces.  This type of system resembles that of an oblong cylinder tube. Unlike the yellow hue of the Incandescent lighting system, fluorescent lights have a white hue you can find them mostly in fast food restaurants. 

This type of light isn’t as bright as incandescent lights but saves a good amount of energy. Due to their energy-saving tendencies, they are best suited for retail centers that have to keep their lights on for security purposes.

Metal Halides

The next type of lighting system that we have on the list is Metal Halides. They are ideal for warehouses as well as industrial areas that are equipped with a high ceiling. This implies that the light has to face in the downward direction to spread out. 

This type of lighting system is ideal to light up large areas. A majority of metal halides are characterized as suspended in a pendant of bulbs. You can use the number of bulbs as per your requirement. Metal halides are also a good way to focus on the conservation of energy.

Halogen Lights

If you are looking to illuminate a massive space in an energy conservative way, then Halogen Lights would be the most appropriate option for you. This type of lighting source is generally installed in the outdoors or for security objectives. As this lighting source generates a flood of lights, it is called as floodlights. 

A halogen bulb gives you the brightness like the sun and can eliminate all the darkness away. Halogen lights are ideal in stadiums especially on the grounds where football and baseball matches are held. They offer energy conservation just like fluorescent tubes. 


Once you get the knowledge of the lighting system, it is required that you assess your commercial space and its requirements to find the most appropriate selection for your business.