If you are looking forward to buy your next smoking device then perhaps you will not prefer something big and bulky like bong, but you still prefer something smoother than your hand pipe.

It is better to choose a bubbler, but before you buy from any head shop near me, you would like to ensure that the bubbler is really the right option for you, and you just don’t need better bowl, or any portable bong.

What is basic difference between bubbler and bowls?

If you want to compare between bubbler and hand pipe then they can be compared based on the following three things:

  1. Design

Basic difference between bubbler and bowl is the way both are made, and how they work.

  • Bubblers

Any bubblers or hand pipe designs are similar with single major difference – they have chamber under the bowl pack meant for water. This will allow more filtration, smoother hits and fewer amounts of ashes sucked by the user. 

Besides, bubblers and bowls are the same, with only exception that its neck is usually curved for giving them a design similar to sidecar dab rig. 

  • Bowls 

Bowls are available in many different designs and each can have some effect on its functionality. 

Since they are simpler than bubblers and available for long time and hand pipes have many varieties which are not shared usually by bubblers. 

      2. Price 

If you look at the price then normally bowls will be cheaper than bubblers. If you try to buy them from the market then you may expect to pay almost $15 to $35 for any standard hand pipe. 

Few larger, complex or more unique kind of models available that can be more expensive however, overall, this will be the average range of price. 

As far as bubblers are concerned, you may expect to pay something between $30 and $50 for any solid one. 

Price point can be more expensive, but they are well worth their price, if you want convenience of bowl along with smoothness of any bong.

      3. Smoking experience

Finally, if you are a regular smoker who has ever used a bong then you will know that there can be no comparison between its smoothness with that of hand pipe. 

Though water chambers are not so large as bongs for most bubblers, usually they do not have percolators. 

The frequent bowl smokers know that there can be few annoying things that may come in your way like: 

  • Clogging 
  • Burning your throat 
  • Ashes pulled through 

Bubblers may still clog periodically, sometimes even can be easier than bowls, but they also reduce ashes being pulled through, and burn your throat. 

This will allow smoking more frequently, but with less issues, and hence you have much smoother experience of smoking. 

As long as you know how you can clean a bubbler, there is no problem to keep your piece like new and avoiding any annoying clogs that can put damper in your smoking experience.

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